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Modern bows

I make modern bows for all the string instrument family. They are inspired by the best of french and british bow making.


Every restauration projekt is a unique process with solutions often developed specifically to solve one-off problems. 

Classical bows

My classical period bows are mainly inspired by Tourte father and Dodd. The sticks are mainly made from Schwartzia wood, but also pernambuco can be used.

Regular bow service

rehairs, leathers, lappings, screws, brass and bronce eyes, pearl, tips, cleaning and varnish. .Anything which slows wear and makes your bow live on from generation to generation.

Baroque bows

I make baroque style bows according to historical examples, but mostly enjoys a freedom of form giving that captures the vibe of the era.

Ivory replacement

 composite material to replace ivory parts in bows. I use it in frogs, tip plates and buttons. The material is produced by hand in very small amounts and .